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Behavior Consulting with Kindness


About Ally

Ally Kelly, M. ED, BCBA

Hi! I'm Ally.  I have proudly been working in the field of behavior since 2007.  I began as a Special Education Teacher then became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2012.  Since then I have worked as an educator, BCBA, and as a Behavior Specialist.  I have also provided trainings to school professionals and to families.  

Behavior just makes sense to me.  I have spent my entire career learning more about it, and sharing that data-driven knowledge with others.  I think that there is nothing more empowering than being able help the children that you love.  I hope to be able to share some of this insight with you! 

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Our Mission: Behavior Consulting with Kindness

Navigating challenging behavior can often leave you feeling confused and alone.  I created Space to Bloom with the intention of helping families and educators feel empowered to address these challenges head on with confidence while facilitating a judgement free, kind, and educational environment.

Behavior change doesn't have to be a scary or frustrating process. At Space to Bloom, I will provide customized services based on your needs.  Whether that is sharing behavior strategies for the home, helping you navigate the special education process, or training the professionals you work with, I will provide the tools you need!


Giving You The Tools

Whether you are a principal, wanting to train your staff, or a parent, wanting to learn strategies to support your own child, we can make a plan for you!

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I will provide a customized training session (virtual or in person options available) to help educators become experts in navigating challenging behaviors in the classroom.  Need more individualized support?  I am also available for behavior consulting on a case by case basis.  Message me for more details.


Are you struggling with your child at home? Let's create a simple plan together that will help alleviate some of the harder moments of your day.  I know how hard it is to get through the day when increasingly difficult behaviors keep you away from enjoying family time.  Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation where I can guide you though the services I can provide!

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Special Education Support

Does your child qualify for Special Education Support? Do you find the entire ARD/ IEP process to be utterly baffling?  Between the jargon, the time lines, the reports, and the testing, many families feel completely overwhelmed. I'm here to help interpret paperwork, describe the process, and help you advocate for your child.  My goal is to help foster a collaborative home to school environment that puts everyone at ease.  Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation where I can layout the potential services that could be helpful.



Our son was having anxiety and behavioral issues at school.  Ally's expertise and strategies were crucial in helping our son become an all star at school.  He went from displaying aggressive behaviors to being proud of himself for having no incidences at school at all.  He became calmer, happier which resulted in our overall family being more peaceful.  Ally's strategies continue to help my son immensely.  We are forever grateful for the peace of mind she afforded us.  Words are not enough to express the gratitude we have for a happy boy.  Thank you Ally from the bottom of our hearts forever!

Jackie, Parent, Physical Therapist, New York, NY

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Let me begin with I don’t write reviews.  It’s not that I don’t find them incredibly helpful, it’s moreover that I’m not sure I’m qualified to review much of anything.  However, when it comes to the expertise, kindness and knowledge that Ally Kelly has brought into my life- well, that I could fill pages of accolades with.  Simply put- she’s the best. Her insightful approach to blending kindness with information is astounding. I know I can come to her- with anything and everything, and she, in turn, will focus on solutions with respect- ensuring I feel valued and heard in the process. I am blessed and empowered in learning from her.

Ashley, Teacher,  Katy, TX


I have been a special education teacher for over 15 years and have met and worked with many behavioral therapists through my career. Ally Kelly was the first BCBA that was diligent with learning about each child, their school day, behaviors they were exhibiting and how I as the teacher managed those behaviors in the classroom. She then worked with me to create behavior plans for my students that I can integrate into my classroom routine seamlessly and carry out each day. She used techniques and solutions that are manageable and simple which allowed me to stay consistent in carrying out each plan. The few years that I collaborated with Allyson has helped me grow as an educator and has taught me many great techniques that I still currently use. She is still the first person I contact when I need help with behaviors. Ally's patience and attention to creating a plan that works with real life routines and situations will help you deal with any behaviors you may encounter.

Vicki Wong, M.S. Ed., TVI

Vicki Wong, M.S. Ed., New York, NY


There comes a time in your career when you have the ONE child that you cannot figure out and behaviorally, are such a challenge that you are close to giving up.  Ally was literally a lifesaver when dealing with the types of children that teachers and therapists typically have a hard time reaching.  She is somehow able to find a balance between using firm, consistent approaches and fun, creative strategies to get a child motivated to choose to make better choices.  She truly has made an impact on these kids' lives, not only to help people understand them better, but also to encourage the children to become happier and more thoughtful little people.

Sandy, Occupational Therapist, San Diego, CA

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